2-4 months

So, our last post was a while ago. It’s like we’ve been busy or something! I’ve been back at work full time, Casey has been busy with work, and we moved into our new house at the end of January. Actually, we still don’t have all of our stuff moved but we’re working on it. Ben’s last doctor visit was 2/20. He was 27″ long (95th percentile), 16 lbs 4 oz (75th percentile) and his head was 17 3/4 ” (95th percentile). I’ll try to get all of these pictures in order. 🙂

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These first 2 are Ben’s official 3 month pictures, showing off his skills of propping up on his elbows and sitting up straight!



 12/20: Watching TV for a minute to calm down after throwing a fit during tummy time. He used to hate tummy time, but now he loves it!


All dressed up on the way to church on 12/21.


Shopping with Daddy on Christmas Eve!


Christmas morning! Admiring the lights on the tree.


Opening presents with Daddy on his first Christmas!


Christmas Day again. I had to get his picture in his cute coat!


This is how he has always slept.  I’m wondering when/if he’ll outgrow it. 12/28.


New Year’s Day. We were having what I thought was a lovely dinner conversation…and then he stopped answering.  I guess I’m a boring date.


1/12/14. Three months old! Sitting in his swing while we clean up the new house.


1/12 again. I wanted one in this chair for comparison to when he was smaller.


1/15: Having a serious talk with Daddy.


1/18: He’s a happy boy!


2/1: Shopping at the mall! They got lots of looks and comments.


2/5: He couldn’t find his pacifier so he had to substitute a giraffe ear. A butterfly antenna also works in a pinch.


Dressed up for church on 2/9! I only get cute outfit pictures in his carseat because we don’t have time before church and when we get home everything he has on is dirty!


2/9 again. Making his old man face while sleeping in church. He also has a really funny old man smile that we haven’t caught on camera. I imagine he’ll outgrow it when he gets teeth.


2/12: 4 months old! Just playing in his Bumbo seat. Started phasing in the size 9m wardrobe!


2/18: He loves bath time! Especially when he gets wrapped up in his towel and gets to play a minute with no diaper.


 Happy face!


2/22: Ben’s first bite of cereal! He doesn’t hate it as is implied by this picture. I think he was just surprised. He actually has been pretty enthusiastic. He wants to hold the spoon.


2/23 Helping Daddy work on the computer. Ben’s job was to try to get the stickers on the corner.


2/26: Getting ready to start the fun on Mommy’s day off! And looking very tall, also.


 3/5: Loving the new exercise equipment so much that I couldn’t get a picture that wasn’t blurry from his bouncing. You can still see that happy little face, though.

Videos hopefully coming soon, when Casey gets home to show me again how to upload them. 🙂


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